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Ronald McDonald House, Alder Hey
Charlie, January 2018 on urgent waiting list at Newcastle Freeman Hospital
Charlie, Summer 2018 (post heart transplant)
Charlie, Carl, Lizzy, Ali, Rosie, Summer 2018

Octave Design Services Ltd. was launched as a business in June 2018 following a traumatic 6 months for Director, Carl and Shareholder, Ali between October 2017 and March 2018. 

Within this period, Carl & Ali were unable to work due to their son, Charlie being diagnosed with a serious heart condition called Dilated Cardiomyopathy at just 9 months old.  Prior to this, Carl was working as a Contractor and Ali was working as a Youth Offending Officer.  Ali was pregnant expecting twin girls.

On Monday 16th October 2017, Carl was called home from work and met Ali and Charlie at the local GP, where Charlie was not in a good way.  They were then sent in an ambulance to Warrington Hospital, where Charlie was assessed overnight with a possible diagnosis of bronchiolitis.

On Tuesday 17th October, Charlie had a cardiac arrest and was resuscitated and urgently taken to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital where Carl and Ali were told the devastating news that Charlie’s condition and diagnosis of ‘severe dilated cardiomyopathy’ was life threatening.

Following 4 uncertain nights at Alder Hey’s charity accommodation, Ronald McDonald House, Charlie was transferred  to the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle and urgently listed for a heart transplant.

Devastated Carl and Ali moved into another hospital accommodation in Newcastle called Scott House, provided by charity The Sick Children’s Trust, to be at Charlie’s bedside during the agonising wait for a donor to be found.  For obvious reasons Carl was unable to work during this time; with the unpredictability of Charlie’s condition and the imminent arrival of the twins, it was impossible to focus on anything else.

Twin girls, Lizzy and Rosie, were born in January 2018 on the same day as Charlie’s first birthday. A month later Charlie underwent a successful heart transplant, making a remarkable recovery to be allowed home in March 2018.

They returned to Runcorn as a family of five and moved into a new home.  

It was at this time, Carl had to turn his thoughts back to work and consider the best way to start earning a living again.   

Consideration was made to going back to contract work, but as so much had changed and to allow the flexibility of staying close to his young family, Carl decided to take self-employment to the next level by launching Octave Design Services as an engineering consultancy in its own right. 

In June 2018 with Bob on board, Carl launched Octave Design Services from their offices at the Heath Business and Technical Park, and Ali joined the company in 2019. 

With a business award under their belt, ever growing client base, over 30 live or completed projects and plans for growth in 2020 the future is looking bright for all at Octave.

Rosie & Lizzy born January 2018

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